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We Create Beautiful interactive Websites & Mobile Apps

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We Create Awesome Stuff

We're a dedicated team of web design and development professionals working on big ideas. Since opening our doors in 2011, our team delivered thousands of web and digital experiences across a multitude of platforms and industries. We are committed to delivering result-driven, competitively priced websites, ecommerce and mobile apps.

Web Development

We are Specialist in designing creative interfaces for websites and online portals. Building complex, responsive websites is our core wore business. We provide complete graphic and web design solutions from posters, flyers and banners to Web design, Facebook artwork & lot more.

Mobile App Development

Our developer's team is applying all the benefits of multi-platform technology as well as native apps development across iOS, Android, Windows smart phones. We make your business handy for everyone.

Digital Strategy & Online Marketing

Correct Digital road map and tactics are key to your success; we help you to select your online initiatives to help realize your business goals, opportunities and the vision it is meant to achieve. Online Marketing is essential in the progress for your business. Visitors become leads, driving business growth.

How We Work

Well Crafted Creativity


If it is not rated as "awesome" it can't be our work, we create the best stuff that will surely surpass the best result.


Innovation is our middle name; we tend to bring in new ways and different techniques to provide the best possible solution for our clients in the digital world.


Creativity is something that circulates in the blood of our company, that's how we are so bloody creative.


A little bit experiment is a must in order to try new and different ways to work; our experimental approach is based on new ideas and out of the box thinking.


Who We Are

100's of teams qualify for to play in football world cup, but only the best team wins. Our success depends on the strength of our team. We collaborated together to provide the best solutions in the digital world to embark our success on leader board.

Mike Johnson

With a background in website and mobile application industry, marketing and technology, Taqi choose the best team players and created this platform to provide the best solutions in the digital market. He himself is a developer and working in this field since 10 years.

CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

Hailey is a passionate digital artist and aims to create master pieces of creative designs and user interface.

Creative Director

Lynda Smith

Brian has a passion for all things and new computer languages and technology advancement. PepperCookies bring together talented people to create beautiful digital piece of arts.


Lynda Smith

Dusty joined us back couple of years ago and is an extremely confident and competent individual who picks up new skills very easily. Dusty is proficient in all the current computer languages and technologies and considers our best team player.



We Are Here For You

We craft interactive websites, applications and event activation experiences.


We provide cutting edge web design services.

We create beautifully crafted digital products for the world-wide-web.

As a creative company, our aim is to achieve the highest standards in web design and always push the boundaries of what's possible online. Our purpose is simple - we exist to provide cutting edge animated and interactive communication services.

We combine high-quality design, interactive technology and best practice programming methodologies in everything we do.

We think usability and functionality are just as important as the aesthetics, so we make sure everything we create is both visually appealing and easy to use. It's an all encompassing approach to web design, something that's vital for online success.


The world's gone mobile.

The smartphone communication revolution represents an incredible opportunity for brand engagement and interaction on the most intimate of all consumer devices.

App development and designing your website for a phone was once a novelty, now it's an essential requirement for any brand trying to connect with their customer.

Apps are an extremely valuable strategic marketing tool that allow you to create brand awareness, build customer relationships, increase customer engagement and capture the attention of your audience.

We pride ourselves on our creativity; combining meaningful, smart ideas with great usability design and execution.

Social Media

Why tell a friend, when you can tell a thousand.

Social Media Management has quickly become one of the most important aspects of online communication. Ensuring you have a positive presence on the right social platforms is vital to any digital strategy.

It's important to know your audience and offer a unique two-way dialogue that enhances their online experience and provides them with useful, timely and engaging information.

A well planned, integrated and managed campaign is critical for success.

Social Media is exciting, empowering and gives users the ability to share their experience with the entire world.

If you have the proper mindset, strategy and management system in place, it can be an extremely effective way to connect with your customers.


Interact, engage, connect and share.

Digital is no longer a marketing after thought. It should play an integral role in the planning and creative process of every campaign.

Our theory is simple - Interactive and engaging brand experiences provide a greater return for marketing dollars. When people interact they engage, when they engage, they remember.

As a group of digital natives, we combine our experience in art, animation, design, programming, marketing, events and project management to create interactive and memorable brand experiences.

Our ability to listen to your story and transform it onto an engaging and interactive platform is what underpins our agency and makes us truly unique.

We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Coders
We Are Developers
We Are Creative

In Pepper Cookies we create digital world

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Here you'll find examples of solutions we've offered to clients. As an agency, having a strong, diverse set of capabilities is a good thing, but what's more critical is deploying the right strategies for a client's unique set of circumstances. We'll connect with you, get to know your business and propose a set of on- and offline creative solutions focused on building your success.

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

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Investigating your sector and researching your competitors, the discovery phase identifies opportunities and enables us to formulate a compelling strategy.


From this information we begin concept development. Concepts are brainstormed and the best, most applicable and exciting are developed.


Concepts are presented and your feedback and comments are gathered. Designs are finalised and presented for your approval and sign off. Development starts..


Once the project has been built, we ensure a successful launch. Now the fun starts as we get our new gizmo in front of your audience.


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